Entry #1

Hello NG! :3

2013-03-09 05:32:56 by PintaMiMundo

Well, since this is my first post...I think it shoul be a polite think to introduce me!
I'm Raffaella, from Italy.
I'm studying on Vet Medicine College here, but I always love drawing:3

I started with traditional tools, until I downloaded GIMP for the first time...and it was love <3
Since then I focused myself on digital drawing, and last year I finally had the possibilityto buy the Intuos Wacom Tablet*_*

You can find me also on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE, as well as DEVIANTART and MiniTokyo :)

I hope I'll add more new works on this site soon,
see ya!


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2013-05-08 04:15:36

Welcome to Newgrounds! I hope you'll visit the Art forum, and meet some fellow artists!